Tuesday, 17 September 2013

My Year Abroad in 100 Photos

So here I am, back in Blighty for the foreseeable future. Instead of doing the clichéd lengthy report on the immensity of this past year and all it has meant for me, I decided to portray my experiences via the medium of photographs. Here are 100 pictures that represent specific points along my journey, people who have made an impact on me and memories I will never forget.

Here Comes the Sun! leaving party and flag to sign

Cap Esterel - the start of my journey
Benjamin shows us how it's done

Cap Esterel at night
Cap Esterel at dawn
Around the World in 80 Days Show - Spain
Day off at Dramont beach
Team Juniors! L-R Benjamin, Éléna, Thomas, Céline, Camille, Kevin & myself
Secret present game - my gift
My flatmates and I, ready to rock and roll!
In action
The result of many of small children and lots of body paint...
Happy'zzz - the club mascot - and friends
The team (prize if you can spot me)
Three days at home, just enough time to squeeze in a bit of London Paralympics 2012
Altenberg! The beginning of all things German
Kaffee und Kuchen
Lemgo - my home-to-be for the next six months
Zu Hause
Our little honey shop
View of Lemgo from the park
First German trip out - Bielefeld castle
Lunchtime with the language assistants
Host family day out with Oma - Hämelschenburg
Berlin! Enjoying teas in the hostel
Brandenburg Gate. 'Nuff said.
Interesting art installation (+ Berlin TV tower)
Such a beautiful proposal... it's what Heidelberg was made for
The cousins come to visit! Apple picking in the garden
Celebrations in the UK - Happy 18th Birthday, Amy!
Celebrations in Germany: Amy's birthday present = a plant ticket to come and see me :)
Trip to Amsterdam
Oh-so-British Bonfire Night celebrations
Picking my present from the homemade advent calendar (+ haircut no. 1)
Schnee! Franny's first sledging experience
Christmas baking - all December long...
Brigitte was ridiculously impressed with my toast-making skills
Day out with my host family and friends
Spotted in Düsseldorf
A souvenir of the many train journeys we undertook in Germany

Weekend trip to Paris!
Arty shots in the beautiful French capital
Letter from a dear friend + British tea - can't get a much better combination than that!
St Nikolaus - 6th December
Homemade mince pies - yummy!
Enjoying Glühwein at Kläschen - Lemgo's biggest event of the year
More Glühwein at Münster Weihnachtsmarkt! - © Rebecca Earnshaw
Beautiful German Christmas decorations

Choir trip to the Dümmersee
Snow angel (had to be done)!
Loving life in Dresden

...not loving the temperature quite as much
England, England - English breakfast in the East of Germany
And for a change of scene... German breakfast at Judith's house

Sarah comes to visit! Loving the library/telephone box combo
3rd Feb - my 21st

Day out in Detmold with Kathy
View from Hermanns Denkmal - finally made it!
The Lemgo girls outside Brake castle
Karneval in Cologne! (haircut no. 2)

Family visit! Sunday lunch
Leaving party - church home group <3
Leaving party - assistants <3
Germany - my travels
Back in Britain! Precious time with friends in Nottingham
Welcome at St Nic's, Nottingham - thanks, Josh!
The chicas at Betel, Madrid - new city, new start, new people

My Brit buddy Becca and her mum in the Betel auditorium
All dressed up for a wedding!
The couple being prayed for

On the way to work at Betel

Taking a coffee break with Zaida
Return to Deutschland - Munich Frühlingsfest
Neuschwanstein castle with the girls
Back in Madrid - guitar lessons in the garden at la casa de chicas
Saying goodbye to Rachele - we miss you!
Day out with Crista - chocolate con churros, mmm!
Day out with Laura - Palacio Real

El Escorial with Alexandra, Isabel and Carmen
Team chant in our Easter Egg competition

Jessy, the Mexican missionary - getting married in September!

Baptisms at the boys' house

The Betel vans - an experience to drive!

Bank Holiday lunch
My leaving poster for the chicas
Notts buddies in Barça

My new home!
Visiting Laura on holiday with the Au Pair family
Audrey and Hugo
InterRailing commences! In Florence with Franny
Our journey
Back in France - Lyon's answer to the Eiffel Tower
Apéritif over the pool!
Friday night cocktails with the Pichons
Day out in Lyon

The sum total of my European adventures

This does, of course, signal the end for my foreign ramblings in the official respect, but I have so much enjoyed creating this blog throughout the year-and-two-months I was abroad that I hope to continue it. This will, naturally, not be as often, and the content will adapt and change as I ease back into my life in Britain. However, my time abroad has given me plenty to think about, and I'm sure there are plenty more cultural observations waiting to be made, in my home country as well as far and wide. See you soon!

Love, Nat

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